privacy policy

privacy policy

Legal notes

The protection of the privacy of the particular on the Internet is in the Internet and the development from decisive importance for the future of the business carrying out to a real Internet economy.
The operator of this web page would like to underline its firm engagement with this declaration about the protection of data privacy for the safe and trustworthy trade on the Internet and to the protection of the privacy and the personal right of the particular.


Where you are invited to submit personal information (e-mail address, names, postal addresses) the submission of this information is purely voluntary. We expressly declares that the information submitted will not be passed on to third parties.


With the use of our web site you agree to the storage and use of the information within the operator of this web page. Changes at the data protection explanation are carried out directly here so that you always know which data we save and how we use them.
The entry to the web site of the operator and their use is granted under the following conditions.
With the use of the web page of the operator these conditions are accepted completely.

User registration

Perhaps you would like to fill out a registration form on our web site with contact information.
This information is used to send you requested information or products to send another product information, news or advertising material to you and to learn more about our web users.


If you give us your e-mail address, we communicate via e-mail with you. We, however, won't pass your electronic mail address on to third parties outside the operator of this web page.

This web site can contain indications of other rights of ownership and information about copyrights which must be taken into account and followed. We also point out that the information can contain technical inaccuracies or typographical mistakes on this site.

We reserve for us to change or to update the information in this site any time and without a previous announcement. This also applies to improvements and/or changes at the products programs described on this site or.

The operator of this web page asks you to send no confidential or on copyright protected information about this web site to us. Please take into account that we call every information or any material which reaches us this way NOT confidential. If you send us nevertheless confidential information or material, you give an unrestricted, irrevocable right to us to use, to reproduce, to represent, to execute, to modify, to send and to distribute these further. You also agree that the operator of this web page is allowed to use ideas of using concepts, know-how or techniques which you have left to us, for arbitrary purposes. However we won't announce your name or name you in a publication as sender of the information or materials, unless:

  1. we get your consent to mention your name,
  2. we inform you before we publish the material left to us as a contribution for a special part of this web site or the information under mentioning of your name, or
  3. any law requires this.
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