The U.S. Army first arrived in Heidelberg in 1945, and has maintained a presence ever since. Arriving at the end of the war, the occupation of Heidelberg was peaceful, and since, the Army has become a well-known feature of the city. Along with NATO, the U.S. Army has several headquarters based in Heidelberg, including the United States Army, Europe, Installation Management Agency Europe Region, V Corps, Component Command-Land Headquarters, and Headquarters Contracting Command.

Headquarters, United States Army, Europe - The Headquarters of the U.S. Army, Europe keeps the forward-deployed forces prepared for any necessary support, protects current resources and personnel, and assists in joint and multi-national operations.

Installation Management Agency Europe Region – Created in 2002, IMA-E’s mission is to provide effective and efficient management of army installations worldwide, enable the well-being of Soldiers, civilians and family members, improve the Army’s aging infrastructure and preserve the environment.

Headquarters, V Corps - V Corps is the United States Army's only forward-deployed corps, and the headquarters is responsible for the training, equipping, staffing and being able to rapidly deploy this contingency force for military operation in support of peace or war.

Component Command-Land Headquarters – One of two such NATO headquarters, it focuses on land-based operational planning, intelligence, logistics, command and control, training and exercises.

Headquarters Contracting Command – This division stands as U.S. Army Europe’s primary agency responsible for contracting support needed by US European Command and US Army Europe and Seventh Army.

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