Heidelberg Car Rentals

Heidelberg Car Rentals


Germany has an excellent public transportation system, making it possible to get everywhere you need by using either the bus or train. But if these options do not appeal to you, then renting a car is another option for your trip to Heidelberg.

There are two main issues when renting a car - being comfortable with foreign traffic rules and signs, and parking. While most traffic laws are the same in Germany as in other countries, road signs and street markings can vary. If you do rent a vehicle, it is important to research the German traffic rules before you arrive. As for parking, it is very limited in Heidelberg, and it is rarely, if at all, free. On-street parking is difficult to find, but there are many parking garages available. (The Getting Around section has more detailed information on traffic laws and parking in Heidleberg.)

Major car rental agencies are at both airports and you can always book online or by phone before your trip. You can rent a car at age 21 with restrictions, and at age 25 and older with no restrictions. (Make sure your normal auto insurance covers international car rentals, or purchase additional insurance with the car rental agency.)

Directions to get to Heidelberg by auto:

From the Frankfurt airport
From the Stuttgart airport

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