100 years of the homo heidelbergensis

through november 25, 2007

100 years of the homo heidelbergensis

through november 25, 2007

On October 21, 1907, while excavating just outside of Heidelberg in Mauer, Daniel Hartmann uncovered the lower jawbone of a prehistoric man – that of the Homo heidelbergensis. It is the oldest known human fossil in Central Europe, and in celebration of the centennial of its discovery, it will be on display as part of an exhibit on the Stone Age.

The first part of the exhibit is located in Heid’schen Haus and features the jawbone of the Homo heidelbergensis, stone tools, bones and other historical objects from around the same time period as the jawbone.

The second part is in the Prehistoric Museum, located in the Rathaus in Mauer. On display here are animal fossils and castings of human fossils from Homo heidelbergensis’ descendants.

The last station is at the sandpit Grafenrain just outside of Mauer, where different methods of excavating and information on Geology are explained.

A kilometer-long timeline over the 600,000 year history of man connects the three stations.

Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Admission: Adults - €2.50
                Children & Adolescents - €1.50
                Family - €6.00

Address: Homo heidelbergensis von Mauer e.V.
             Bahnhofstraße 4
             Postfach 1117
             D-69256 Mauer

Phone: 06226 / 9719 315
Fax: 06226 / 9719 316

Email: mensch@homoheidelbergensis.de
Website: www.homoheidelbergensis.de

Map: The following brochure is unfortunately only in German, but it contains an excellent map of the exhibit.

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