things to bring

make sure you bring the following:

things to bring

make sure you bring the following:

* Passport, Green Card or document for Lawful Permanent Residents
   (Always carry this with you – never pack it in your suitcase.)

* Copy of passport

* Travel permission letters (notarized) for minors traveling alone

* Visa or other entry documentation, if required

*Valid driver’s license and International Drivers Permit, if needed

* Medication in original bottles (Only bring what is needed for the trip.)

* Receipts for recently purchased electronics (such as a laptop or camera) or jewelry that you are bringing

* Baggie or envelope to put receipts for purchases abroad

* A list of emergency contact numbers (at home and abroad), embassy information, hotel information, and any important medical information. In case of emergency, this list will make it easier for you to contact authorities and provide them with any needed information.

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